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Below is a FACTSS update in regard to proposed legislation that would significantly enhance our chances to opt out of certain mandated fire safety upgrades if it is enacted.  We also want to remind you that the State Fire Marshals are supporting different legislation that would still require us to install an ELSS or full sprinklers, with a deadline later than the existing 12/31/19 and with an alternate method of financing the costs.  Your Board believes that this Fire Marshal supported legislation may have a greater chance of enactment into law.

It is therefore CRUCIAL for EVERYONE in our Association to contact the House Business & Professions Subcommittee that will hear the legislation we favor.   Their names and emails are attached.  We suggest a brief message, such as the example that follows.  Cut and paste the message into an email to each individual.  Here is our suggestion, but feel free to create your own wording:

"Thank you for considering the referenced legislation. We are supportive of giving unit owners the right to opt out of onerous and financially difficult ELSS requirements, and appreciate your favorable consideration of measure HB647."

The Board and Management will continue to monitor events in the legislative session and inform you of developments.

Senate Bill SB 1152:  The FACTSS’ opt-out of ELSS bill was introduced on February 18 by state Senator Jason Pizzo.  It gives owners the right to vote to opt-out of installing an ELSS, with a deadline of December 31, 2021. By that date, associations will either have to vote to opt-out, and if they don’t, they will have to install the ELSS.  The bill provides for a majority of owners to vote in favor for an association to opt-out.  A copy of the bill can be found here.  Contact your state senator and ask them to support SB 1152. 

House Bill HB 647:   The FACTSS’ opt-out of ELSS bill by state Rep. Michael Grieco, has been assigned to a subcommittee of the State House Commerce Committee.  This bill gives condo and coop owners the right to vote whether or not they want to install an ELSS in their buildings – at a cost of millions of unnecessary dollars.  A copy of the bill can be found here under Bill Text.

Please contact these subcommittee members and express your support for HB 647

The House Business & Professions Subcommittee will hear the bill first. Members of the committee are Representatives:

Ramon Alexander (D)
Joseph Casello (D)
Byron Donalds (R)
Juan Fernandez-Barquin (R)
Randy Fine (R)
Heather Fitzhagen (R), Ch
Michael Gottlieb (D)
Brett Hage (R)
Amber Mariano (R), Vice Chair
Wengay Newton (D), Rank Dem
Ana Maria Rodriguez (R)
Anthony Rodriguez (R)
David Smith (R)
Josie Tomkow (R)
Matt Willhite (D)


These Representatives need to hear from FACTSS members and owners affected by the ELSS. 

Click here to find the email address of all state legislators.  Click on Representatives (Florida House of Representatives).  Then on the tool bar on the top, click on Representatives.  This shows you the list of all members.  Click on the name, it will bring up info about the representative and give you an option to contact the representative.  Click there and send your message.  If you don’t know who your representative is, click on Find Your Representative.

Thanks for your help.


Board of Directors

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